AFONTERMO®thermal properties

Of particular note, in light of the increased requirements for biocompatibility and energy conservation, is the product’s extraordinary thermal character, which prevents the generation of condensation and subsequent mold, optimizing the energy performance of buildings.
AFONTERMO® applied to concrete pillars and beams cancels the effect of thermal bridges and, when used inside or outside homes, replaces traditional thermal insulation.

From laboratory tests performed on steel plate (3 mm thick) on one side treated with AFONTERM®(1 mm thickness) exposed to a temperature of 155°C, it was found that on the opposite, untreated side, a temperature of 18°C is detected; this means that 1 mm thickness of product generates a heat shielding of 137°C.

secchio afontermo

The test result shows that AFONTERMO®, already in a thin layer of just 1 mm, achieves extraordinarily high thermal insulating power; it does not absorb heat but reflects it. This means that in a room, whose interior walls have been treated with the product, the temperature remains mild and constant even without the use of a heating system.
In this regard, extraordinary results have been obtained in extreme cases, on masonry without thermal insulation and in the presence of extensive mold in interiors, with the application of a few millimeters of product.
In light of the results, AFONTERMO® is the solution for thermal insulation and problems of thermal bridges, surface condensation, and energy waste.

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