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Afonrete, fiberglass reinforcement mesh

It is an anti-cracking fiberglass mesh that can be used for the armor of Afontermo il Nanocappotto. It is made with glass fibers and with anti-alkali sizing equal to about 13% of the total weight.

The mesh has a raw fabric weight of 138 g/m2 and a total weight of 155 g/m2 (with a tolerance of 5%); the links have dimensions equal to 4.0 x 4.5 mm (0.16 x 0.18 in).

Afonrete must be placed in the glue layer, making sure that it is completely embedded. The surface thus obtained is further trimmed and leveled in order to receive any further coats of Afontermo after the seasoning has taken place. The dimensions of the roll are equal to 1.00 m (39.7 in) in height by 50 m (1968.5 in) in length.

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