AFONTERMO® Reflectance Thermal Insulation

A key feature of the product is its high Reflectance which, when used outdoors, allows it to repel solar radiation and thus keep rooms cool in summer even without the use of air conditioning systems.

In the field of thermal insulation, it is advisable to use high reflectance products  inside or outside buildings, because they limit the use of heating systems and air conditioners,  greatly increasing  energy savings and eco-sustainability.
There are several materials that have the reflective characteristic: for example, alumina is used by brush or spray on building roofs to repel some of the sun’s heat.

afontermo risparmio energetico con afoncasa

Tin foil is also a formidable reflector but cannot be used because of the high cost and impracticality of intervention. Such materials are excellent reflective but are not thermal.
AFONTERMO®, on the contrary,
, so it has as its main peculiarity to repel up to 80% of temperature ensuring optimal living comfort in all seasons.

Direct benefits that are obtained by using thermal-reflective AFONTERMO®:

Reduced costs for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer;
Increased living comfort;
– Lower structural stresses;
– Absence of chemical and physical degradation of masonry compared with common insulation materials.

Indirect benefits gained by using heat-reflective AFONTERMO®:

Less overheating of thesurrounding urban environment(reduction of Heat Island);
No release of pollutants by physical-chemical degradation of common insulation materials;
Reduction in energy consumption resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions.

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