Novomur, dehumidifying plaster

novomur intonaco deumidificante

Innovative thermal insulation smoothing

How to restore and dehumidify masonry.

A thermal coating with minimum thickness and high energy efficiency AFON CASA patented NOVOMUR® in 1979. It is the first thermo-depressurizing plaster, capable of dehumidifying masonry subject to any type of humidity, such as that caused by rising damp, on the walls and condensation.

NOVOMUR® acts as a moisture flywheel and is something revolutionary in the field of dehumidification systems: it restores water-soaked basements, retaining walls with pressurized water, rooms with saturated air caused by humidity. It makes basements that were no longer used because of their high humidity level liveable once again, it eliminates all types of salt, including that one usually found in stables.

NOVOMUR® has an open cell honeycomb structure. Cavities are surrounded by a thermal insulating skeleton which keeps them spaced and protects their internal surfaces. The alveoli communicate with each other through a dense network of micropores which ensure, by suction, the transport of humidity towards the larger alveoli, from which it then evaporates.
Then there is a depressurizing effect, due to the fact that a very high quantity of air in contact with the outside air is created in the plaster’s thickness. There is a formation of microvortices, which inhale steam and make the material dry even in the presence of a continuous humidification process. This occurs in the case of walls against the ground or with foundations immersed in water and in the case of widespread water infiltrations.

By applying NOVOMUR® depressurizing plaster, on both sides of a damp wall, the humidity incorporated throughout the thickness moves, in a continuous flow, towards the hot sides. There it is inhaled and expelled, in the form of vapour, by the depressurizing thermal mass, until completely exhausted. The continuous dehumidification process thus stabilizes at the base of the wall, preventing both humidity and salt formation; in this way the masonry is no longer wetted by dispersed water and much less flaked by salts.

Any question about Novomur?


The most common questions about Novomur, dehumidifying plaster.
Protect your home from mold and condensation.

No, NOVOMUR® is a thermal and dehumidifying plaster. In addition to solving humidity problems, it is also a good thermal insulator given its low conductivity of 0.052 W/mK.
NOVOMUR® must be applied up to the maximum level reached by humidity on the wall and no further.
Common dehumidifying products work up till saturation, so they become a barrier and make humidity rise even higher in the wall. NOVOMUR®, on the other hand, is the only thermodepressurizing dehumidifier that absorbs humidity and expels it in the form of vapor. It lowers its level inside the masonry until it is completely exhausted or, in the case of continuous flow, it is able to stabilize its level on the walking surface. This occurs by virtue of the product’s high vapor transmission rate, equal to 370 g/m2 per day with a thickness of 2.5cm (0,98 in). In the product’s thickness, therefore, there is a continuous recycling of humidity’s expulsion and reabsorption. And this humidity is definitively expelled in the form of vapor when there is a change of air in the environment.
The minimum thickness is 3 cm (1,18 in). This thickness varies according to the extent and type of problem to be solved.
Acting as a moisture flywheel, NOVOMUR® can eliminate all types of salt, including saltpeter.
Yes, NOVOMUR® is ideal for restoring rooms saturated with humidity and with retaining walls; in this case the thickness of the product to be applied varies between 6 and 10 cm (2,36- 3,94 in) depending on the humidity degree.

The NOVOMUR® finish takes place using the finishing thermal veil called VELOMUR SPUGNABILE (spongeable), as it is a highly transpiring product.

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