Massetto Isolante Termico

Innovative Thermoacoustic Screed

Thermal screed for professional thermo-acoustic insulation projects

The product embodies two fundamental functions: thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. MASSETTO TERMICO® is a premixed product, made up of a mixture of cork and other thermal aggregates, ready to be mixed with the addition of cement and water at the time of use.

MASSETTO TERMICO® applied on slabs before the flooring, acts as a thermal soundproofing barrier, thermally insulating and reducing the falling and trampling noises between one floor and another. Something important to say is that the product has a low specific weight (350 Kg/mc), which allows the renovation of old buildings without damaging their structure. Furthermore, the product’s thixotropic nature favors the material’s application and at the same time allows the creation of the desired slopes.

Applying fields

MASSETTO TERMICO® is easy to apply and is recommended in different types of situations:

Do you need a high performance insulating screed?

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