We have been constantly researching and studying innovative products for insulation and dehumidification for more than 45 years, in order to offer the best to all our customers.

Thermal coating, insulation and dehumidification: for over 45 years at your side at home.

Thanks to a research activity started in 1979 by engineer Giovannino Lanza and then continued by his daughter Simonetta Lanza, AFONCASA has always differentiated itself in the building field by formulating innovative and unique products all over the world.

AFONCASA has always formulated biocompatible products that respect the masonry’s permeability, in order to preserve it over time and guarantee people a healthy environment. The company owns exclusive patents inherent in low thickness thermal insulation and dehumidification.

AFONCASA has always formulated products that are biocompatible and respect the permeability of masonry to preserve it over time and ensure a healthy environment for people.

Above: Eng.Giovannino Lanza
Under: Dot.Simonetta Lanza

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AFON CASA has always worked to offer high performance materials and innovative and safe products. Contact us for more information on our products, patents, achievements or ask for your no-obligation quote.