Afontermo, il Nanocappotto

Innovative thermal insulation smoothing

A thermal coat with minimum thickness and high energy efficiency

AFONTERMO IL NANOCAPPOTTO® is the first low-thickness reflective thermal smoother, on the market for over 15 years, with the function of thermal coating. It is the result of scientific research aimed at insulation quality and, therefore, its objective is not only maximum energy saving, but also the healthiness of the buildings where it is used.

Afontermo is an innovative, patented, one-of-a-kind product that can be applied to any substrate and it is a good solution for buildings’ thermal insulation. The very high direct and indirect reflective properties together with the thermal and transpiring properties, allow the product to guarantee optimal thermal insulation with a layer between 4 (0,16 in) and 10 mm (0,39 in) both during winter and summer months.

Afontermo il Nanocappotto therefore replaces the voluminous traditional thermal insulators, eradicates the formation of condensation and mold, insulates beams and pillars by eliminating thermal bridges, prevents heat dispersion by optimizing energy savings. The product’s reflective behaviour guarantees a perfect living comfort in every season.

The product is ready for use, both indoors and outdoors. It comes in the form of a paste and in 12 kg (26,45 pound) packs. It can be applied with the simple use of an trowel, so it does not require highly qualified workers. Its photocatalytic property guarantees clean air quality inside buildings and when placed outside it allows to significantly reduce harmful pollutants and PM10, making them harmless. The product is tax deductible.

AFONTERMO® is an exclusive Afon Casa patented product.

The advantages of Afontermo

AFONTERMO IL NANOCAPPOTTO® is the result of a scientific research aimed at insulation quality and therefore having as its objective not only maximum energy savings but also the healthiness of the buildings where it is used.

Thermal insulation

It perfectly insulates any home or space

Tax savings

You can add it in your yearly tax declaration

More space

It gives more living space by replacing the bulky traditional thermal coat

Constant temperature

It keeps the temperature constant, ensuring the best living comfort in every season

Energy saving

It optimizes energy savings on a constant basis

It prevents mold

It eliminates and prevents condensation and mold

It eliminates thermal bridges

It insulates beams and pillars by eliminating thermal bridges

Clean facades

It keeps facades clean thanks to photocatalytic properties

Easy application

It can be easily applied to any substrate


Afontermo complies with the Minimum Environmental Criteria (in Italian CAM Criteri Ambientali Minimi) and received a Health Certificate for being a non-toxic and hypoallergenic product


With Afontermo you have a safe product and you will never get bad surprises: it's covered by a product liability insurance policy.

Energy saving

The conductivity of Afontermo is 100 times lower than that of a traditional coat which results in significant savings in utility bills

Altamente traspirante

Afontermo non ostruisce il passaggio dei vapori , ma agevola la traspirabilità muraria agevolando la salubrità dell'ambiente

Pronto all'uso

Afontermo viene consegnato come pasta pronta all'uso in pacchi da 12 kg, applicabile facilmente da qualsiasi operatore

Previene condense e muffe

Il prodotto è estremamente permeabile ai vapori, ed evita la formazione di condense e muffe nelle pareti murarie

Risparmio degli spazi

Lo spessore di Afontermo è veramente minimo, e fa risparmiare fino a 15 cm rispetto al cappotto tradizionale

Velocità di applicazione

Il prodotto può essere applicato sia internamente che esternamente, senza bisogno di impalcature o lavori di preparazione

Do you need to insulate your home quickly?

Contact us for more information about Afontermo and the results you can get with our products. Afoncasa will be glad to help you find the best solutions for thermal insulation.

Any questions about Afontermo?


Most common questions on Afontermo, il Nanocappotto.
Low thickness thermal insulation.

AFONTERMO IL NANOCAPPOTTO® is a thermal skim coating with heat-reflecting properties.
Yes, AFONTERMO IL NANOCAPPOTTO® replaces the traditional thermal coat in a few millimetres; it is a highly heat-reflecting skim coating, a feature that determines its high degree of thermal insulation.
We mean a thermal coating with a thin thickness capable of replacing the bulky traditional thermal coat.
Yes, AFONTERMO IL NANOCAPPOTTO® replaces the traditional thermal coat in a few millimetres; it is a highly heat-reflecting skim coating, a feature that determines its high degree of thermal insulation.
Reflectance is the ratio between the quantity of the thermal wave reflected by a body, and the quantity of incident thermal wave. The amount of non-reflected heat wave is absorbed as a 1-R value.
In general, due to the principle of energy conservation, a material partly reflects, partly absorbs, partly transmits. A traditional opaque material has a prevalence in absorbing heat, due to a high emissivity (epsilon 0.85-0.9), approximately equal to that of a black body. A reflective material, on the other hand, tends to absorb an amount equal to 1-R due to a low-emissivity behavior, therefore its contribution to thermal insulation is considerably higher. This is the reason why 4-6 mm (0,16-0,24 in) of AFONTERMO® can replace 13-14 cm (0,51-0,55 in) of traditional thermal coating.
Emissivity is the ability of a body to radiate heat through an empty place at a given temperature, compared to that of a black body at the same temperature. In thermophysics, according to Kirchoff’s law, emissivity is compared to the material’s absorption capacity: if a material absorbs little, it will also emit less infrared radiation. A reflective material absorbs only a minimal part of the thermal wave, therefore it has a low emission behavior.
A low-emissivity material emits reduced infrared radiation, it’s a synonymous of high thermal inertia, i.e. if thermally stressed it does not increase its temperature, because the latter is mainly rejected by the material itself.
No, it is better to use AFONTERMO IL NANOCAPPOTTO® on the intrados of the horizontal opaque element.

AFONTERMO® has to be applied with an American trowel in two coats, waiting at least 48 hours between one coat and the other. Only after the first one is completely dry, then you can apply the second one. More information are available on the product’s technical paper.

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AFONTERMO® should not be applied to washable paints. It can only be applied after the removal of the pre-existing paint and the application of our Fixative.
AFONTERMO®, with its extraordinary thermal character, prevents the generation of condensation and the consequent molds, it insulates beams and pillars, canceling the effect of thermal bridges. With a few millimeters of AFONTERMO you can replace the bulk of a traditional thermal coating. Furthermore, AFONTERMO® is characterized by a high reflectance (R=80%) which favors the maintenance of ambient temperature and therefore energy saving.
On walls subject to mold and condensation, to thermally insulate new or existing buildings (suitable for energy requalification interventions); instead of a traditional thermal coating, both indoors and outdoors.
AFONTERMO® can be applied to any kind of material support: wood, glass, iron, ceramic, etc.; it can be applied both to the internal and external walls of the house, on beams and pillars.
Only PITTURA (paint) THERMOFOTOCATALITICA AFON CASA from the same line should be used on AFONTERMO®
AFONTERMO® should not be applied on wet or damp walls. In case of walls affected by humidity, NOVOMUR®, the dehumidifying plaster, should then be used.
Yes, AFONTERMO® allows you to definitively eradicate the problem of thermal bridges, eliminating the creation of condensation and mold.

Still having doubts?

Thanks to AFONTERMO® it is possible to energetically redevelop any building envelope in an excellent way, from the point of view of the Almost Zero Energy Building (NZEB). Contact us for more information and quote. Contact us for more information and quotes.