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Paints suitable for Afontermo thermal insulation projects

Thermophotocatalytic paint

THERMOPHOTOCATALYTIC PAINT, highly transpiring, thermal, reflective with photocatalytic properties. For indoor and outdoor use, it prevents heat dispersion, increases energy savings and significantly improves living comfort. Suitable as an AFONTERMO® finish.

Thermophotocatalytic acrysiloxane paint

THERMOPHOTOCATALYTIC ACRYLSILOXANE PAINT, thermal, reflective and highly breathable, suitable for outdoor use. The product has photocatalytic properties that attack polluting agents. It protects the underlying plaster from rainwater and it is suitable as an AFONTERMO® finish for outdoors.

Limestone painting

LIMESTONE PAINT, is an highly transpiring paint for interior use. The product has excellent vapor permeability and thermal insulation.

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